Inverter Chargers

We have shopped many manufacturers looking for a good selection of RV inverter charger, boat inverter chargers, and have come up with pure sine wave forms (link), modified sine, 12 Volt, 24 Volt, and 48 Volt. If you cannot locate what you are specifically looking for please call us at 888-606-2149. We have shopped for everything from heavy duty units, commercial units and have posted our findings. We know it is difficult to know what you are looking for when shopping for one of these converters. But we have tried to simplify it with tips on the site, and blogs with instructions and descriptions. Manufacturers we have in this category range from Tripp-Lite, Magnum, Samlex America, AIMS (link), and Mean-Well. We also have access to many other lines in the inverter charger category.

We know that when you are spending this amount of money on a specific unit you want it to be reliable and heavy duty. All of our manufacturers offer at least a one year warranty, and sometimes longer depending on who it is from. We are more than happy to offer input on our history with these companies and which units have been the most dependable. Choosing the correct inverter charger for your application may be difficult, but it should not be. Our professionals have been in the industry for a combined 15 years and are eager to help answer any questions you may have about your application. Whether it be for camping, boating, a hunting cabin, or anywhere you want to convert dc power to ac power, we will help you find the right inverter for your needs.