48 Volt Inverters

48 Volt Power Inverters

At Inverter Supply we provide an array of 48 volt power inverters that are adaptable to any application or device. These power work horses are manufactured by the most innovative, and reputable manufacturers in the market including: Cotek (link), AIMS (link), and Magnum (link).

These scientifically engineered devices are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to ensure that they are the most durable and efficient 48 volt power inverters available in the market at affordable prices suitable for all budgets.

What do pure sine 48 volt power inverters do?

Our 48 volt power inverters are designed to efficiently and silently transform the direct current (DC) from battery power to alternating current (AC) similar to what is provided by a standard power outlet. Our devices give you an edge in terms of performance. They are built with the very best materials, and fully loaded with an array of features that ensure you own one of the most trusted and efficient, not to mention affordable portable power devices in the world.

Uses and applications

The smaller 12 volt (link) to 24 volt (link) pure sine devices will efficiently run smaller applications such as cell phones, laptop computers, small televisions and other small electronics that require a pure sine wave. 48 volt power inverters on the other hand, are designed for bigger electronics that may include marine applications, and RV enthusiasts. It can be used for countless electronics including lights, medical equipment, large televisions, entertainment systems and much more.

Durability and performance

Our lineup of durable pure sine power inverters are fully loaded with features that ensure your device is durable and safe. They include protection features include:

  • Overload prevention
  • Short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity (fuse)
  • Over/under voltage detection
  • Over temperature detection

In an effort to accommodate an extensive range of applications, we offer these inverters ranging anywhere from 150 watts to a whopping 7,000 watts. We are confident you will find the most suitable 48 volt inverter for your particular needs and budget.

In an effort to be your single source for portable power devices and inverter cables (link), we want make sure that your experience with Inverter Supply is a memorable one. We provide complete customer care so that you are confident and satisfied with your purchase.

If you have questions regarding these efficient and affordable 48-volt inverters, contact us at our expert customer service center and we will address all of your questions and concerns. Call toll free to 888.606.2149.